The World Can Wait

Since its release in February 2018, ‘The World Can Wait’ has been selected for a number of international festivals and won the Audience Award at Clexacon, Las Vegas, in April.

*WINNER* – Audience Award, ClexaCon 2018
*WINNER* – Film of the Month, DSOFF, March 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Pride Film Festival, Chicago, June 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Out Here Now, Kansas, June 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Korea Queer Film Festival, June 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – New Filmmakers New York, 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – My True Colors Festival, 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Spring Out! Middle Tennessee LGBT+ Film Festival 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Coventry LGBTQ+ Film Festival, April 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Five Continents, March 2018
*OFFICIAL SELECTION* – Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, March 2018

Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. But when the Execs in charge of the show gather to decide her fate, she finds herself having to fight for her survival.

‘The World Can Wait’ is a parody of the Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Too many LGBTQ+ characters, especially women, are unnecessarily killed off on TV. Our heroes deserve better endings.